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Security needs can be very different.

For the home, we offer Fire Rated, Floor and Wall Safes that provide protection for jewelry, important documents, passports and other small valuables.


If you're a gun collector, a quality, High Security Gun Safe is your first line of defense when it comes to safe storage of firearms. We can help you determine the type of Gun Safe that’s required to store your personal collection, in terms of size and number of guns, as well as ammo and accessories. Then choose the level of burglary and fire protection that best fits your budget.

Businesses need to protect documents, media files, and cash while allowing employees easy access to the items they need. We offer High Security Safes, Undercounter Safes, Cash Boxes, and Fireproof Filing Cabinets, all designed to keep your business and profits secure. 

Superior Lock & Safe provides both Fireproof and Burglarproof Security Solutions. Generally, fire is a greater risk than theft in most private homes, while businesses may require a combination of fire and burglary-proof security systems. It's important to remember most fireproof safes are designed to protect paper documents and cash. 

We offer the following Safe Services:

  • Digital and Mechanical Combinations Changed

  • Safe LOCKOUTS - Opened and Repaired

  • Electronic Keypad and Lock Conversions

  • Boltwork Servicing and Repairs

  • Key Lock Replacement and Repairs

  • Bolt Down Service Available

  • Safe Deposit Boxes Opened and Repaired

  Gun Safes
  • Fire Rated

  • U.L. Certified

  • Multiple Long Gun Options

  • Door Organizers

  • Mechanical or Digital Locks & Keypads

 Depository Safes
  • Mail box or rotary drop deposit
  • U.L. approved locks
  • Auto door detent
  • Compact to fit in tight places
GV2050 4 Pistol.jfif
 Pistol Safes
  • Programmable access codes

  • No-Eyes Keypad for quick access

  • Biometric access for heightened security and quick access

  • Spring-loaded door for quicker access

Amsec Commercial.jfif
  Commercial Safes
  • Fire Rated

  • Burglary Rated

  • Multiple Functions & Finishes Available

  • U.L. Certified

  Under The Bed Safes
  • Hidden within arms reach

  • 14ga. heavy duty construction

  • Heavy duty 5 point locking bar

  • U.L. listed E-Lock w/ lighted keypad

  • Foam padded slide out gun tray

Securam Dial.jfif
Electronic Locks & Keypads
  • TopLit Options

  • Dial Ring Color Options

  • Quick Access

  • Easy to use

  • Reliable and Robust

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